Friday 7th of January 2011

In the morning i went to the Orphanage with Rosie, last day with her together...it was a hard week, very tired but we did a lot for them and that gives you a lot of satisfaction !! When we finished we went to Fabindia (a beautiful shop) to buy some stuff...shopping makes you happy, always 

A few volunteers went out to Baga to party and stayed there for the weekend. I stayed in the center with some Dutch people. We bought some beers for the evening...had a great time together, lots of laugh ..even Dayal ( our coordinator) joined us and it was fun !

Sonia and Bernadette wanted to go to the beach on Saturday and Sunday...i suggested to join them for the day but come back to the center in the evening. 

Saturday 8th of January 2011

We left the center around 9.00 am in direction of Anjuna beach, was very nice but hot hot hot...i told  Sonia and Bernadette that nearby there is the famous Saturday night market, open around 6pm...

After a swim and lazy time we had to look gfor a room for them...so we first went to a nice place to have lunch.. When we sat down at that place (Tantra bar) a guy came to us with a very good proposal for a night...a beachhut for 700 roupies = a little more than 10 euro and this for 3 persons !! So i decided to stay with them, nothing was planned so i had no other clothes or stuff...i love this,don't think, just let it all come to you !!

In the evening we went to that market, amazing, a little bit crowded but nice to see and lots of nice things...We tried to go back to our place but not so easy to find a car for a good price...finally a taxi driver took us back but he dropped us in the middle of nowhere...lucky i now Anjuna beach from the other weekend and i remember some places, not so easy at night but it was a little adventure...

Sunday 9th of January 2011

We had a very good night on the beach... First we enjoyed the last relaxing time on the beach with some fresh fruit juices and then we took the bus back.... :-(

In the evening Sonia was not feeling very well...was sick and vomited a lot...around 4.00 am i didn't feel good and was sick and vomited also...both had a very bad night, didn't know what it was.


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