Mother Theresa Orphanage

A new year started.... back to the orphanage this week. Arrived on monday morning, all the kids were sick, some had very high fever. So not possible to take them outside...but try as much as i can to help with the care because it's a lot of work and they are really not enough !!

On tuesday we came in and Teloe ( with a water head) wasn't there. They brought him to the hospital during the night because his fever didn't stop, go up to 41... Now the other kids had diarrhea, ow ow ow each 5 min we had to change them, it was so bad. You have to now that they don't have normal pampers, it's like 50 years ago, cotton nappies...

Wednesday afternoon i went to Calangute beach with Rosie, just walking around and it was so hot that we had a delicious ice cream from Baskin & Robbins mmmmm..... we decided to stay there for dinner, sitting on the beach with a yummi pina colada and savor the beautiful vieuw... when we went back i realized that i forgot my beach towel somwhere...steph steph steph...lucky it was only 180 roupiee = 3 euro.

End of the week, the children are still sick and Pinkie is not going well at all... one of the girls was in the hospital with Teloe ( they don't leave him alone overthere, they go in shifts one after the other ) So where to start this morning ?? Kids, babies....feed, care, change,... Hard morning so went out for lunch and came back in the afternoon because they needed. The Sister asked me and Rosie to join her to the hospital with Pinkie, she had a tube in her nose to eat and it had to be replaced.  Impressive to see an Indian hospital (everything so old) , you can't imagine how it's going here...a very long row of people all with their sick childs, waiting for hours to see the doctor.... i thought ow it will take a long time but because we where there with the Sister we passed everyone....the docter checked Pinkie and gave her an injection, then we had to take the medicins down by the chemist and after go to the whole other side for her tube. long walk with Pinkie in my arms, the Sister could not be do that on her own.. It was horrible how the nurse changed her tube, when she tried to put it inside Pinkie throw up...but she continued to push and push 30 cm in....all this was very difficult to see, it was necessary but i think you can do it much softer !! Time to go back home but before going we asked if we could see Teloe. So we saw him, he was better, no ever anymore and he was allowed to come home in the weekend. All this was an expierence !!

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Kimmy 21-01-2011 14:45

Ik denk dat die weeskindjes heel blij zijn dat jij daar bent om hun te helpen. Doe zo verder Stephke, je bent goed bezig! Jij bent een engel!
Miss you here, Kimmy X

Sunita 26-08-2011 15:02

Do you know of the process to adopt from Mother Teresa orphanage to the states?

Shaikha 25-11-2012 14:56

Hello i am from kuwait , and my house made from goa and she is very concierned about a child relative named (albertina) she want to know how is she doing and her latest news ,, she says she is staying in mother teresa orphanege in goa - panjim

Please inform me about it

isabel 23-01-2013 16:57


am going to Goa and interested in volunteering in Mother Teresa home but cannot find any contact details on-line. Can you help please??


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