Introduction Week

Monday 27th December 2010

It was a rest day. Actually i didn't anything or yes maybe...thinking thinking thinking...that's not so good for me...

You know about what ?? Past Present Future; in one sentence : Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mistery, but today is a gift that's why we call it Present !!

Tuesday 28th December 2010

Happy Birthday to me !!

Woke up @ 08 and i said Happy B-Day....The coordinators were gone to pick up Laura a new volunteer from Germany. They came back late...i had to wait all time, doing nothing...I hate this !!

Finally we went to Mapusa to show Laura where to take the buses, make a round at the market,....Around 5pm Nick & Dayal joined us and they had a surprise for me ! We took the bus in direction of Calangute beach...and they said; know you decide what we'll do !! Yoepiieee

So we first had a drink, a fresh beer. Did some shops and had a dinner on the beach...with just the sound of the waves....Sitting there was really relaxing...

Wednesday 29 th December 2010

Early morning....5 am...because we had yoga lessons...I really enjoyed, but not easy the first time !!

After that we received some courses about all the different religions here in India. There are so many, hard stuff but it's very interesting.

Later on the day we had some cooking classes..we prepared our own dinner. We made potatoe Baji and Chapati... I assure you it was very tasteful !! I will make it at home for you or better i will try....

Thursday 30 th December 2010

Yoga and medidation that's what i need !!

End of the morning we rook the bus to old Goa for visit...went back to Panjim for lunch and a bollywood movie in Hindi without any subtitles....first i thought i wouldn't understand anything but yes i did...

In the evening we made a boattrip...very funny because it's a dancing boat...Funny how all those Indian guys goes crazy...

Friday 31st December 2010


Spice garden in Ponda...what a lovely place !! Beautiful nature, so quiet...i could stay here for whole day just walking around...but we had to continue...the guide showed and explained all the different spices from here..really a lot. We had a good lunch...yes with many spices but it was tasteful.

We also tried the local alcohol; cashew fenny...mixed with a soda i can drink it...

After all those nice things we went back to the center, rest a little and prepared for New Year !! Together with the other girls we took the taxi to Baga....we had (again) a good dinner, all fresh seafood !!

And then we went to Tito's Club ( the most famous place overhere) It's free entrance for was very crowded everywhere, everybody tried to get in...but boys can't get in if they are not they all asked us to come with...I was glad i finally was inside.....

Surprise for us when we get in....also free drinks for girls ;-)) We had a very good night, danced a lot...yes some Indian boys are a little tooooo much....

We went back home around 6am...all a litlle drunk but we had a great NY together !! 

Reacties 3

alain et patricia 13-01-2011 14:26

super on arrive à la fin de 2010, que vas tu nous réserver ???

Timothy & Yvonne 13-01-2011 14:58

(Timothy) Hey Stephie, I hope everything is going well over there in India. Good job over there and beautiful pictures. Especially in the desert and with the camel. It's a bit late but, happu B-day and happy New Year. I'm writing in English so the people over there can understand it as well. May your adventurious travels continue troughout India and many pictures be taken. PS: I hope your foot heals quickly so you can move on your travels and trips and parties.

Cindy 16-01-2011 14:51

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mistery, but today is a gift that's why we call it Present !! -> I like it so much and you know it. Thinking of you. Prends soin de toi ma belle. X.


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