From Varanasi to Agra

From Varanasi to Agra - 10/12/10 - 11/12/10


.Sushil dropped us @ Varanasi train station around 15h30...not so easy to find the platform from where the train left...just on time we heard it was on 6, so run and jump on...i Didn't sleep well because of the noice and the cracking insects everywhere....

Normally should arrive @ 5h45 but Indian trains... finally arrived @ 09h in hotel in Agra, room wasn't ready so i went to the roof top and there it is....the Taj Mahal..+/- 2kms away from hotel but what a vieuw...i already had this waauuw feeling !!

I was sitting there, with a lot of sunshine, reading my book 'eat pray and love' ...when suddently a woman came and join me...she said; it's a very good book, i've just read it and recognized myself in so many parts...her name is Christine ( from Austria) , she is travelling for a few months now....

We talked and talked about a lot of things....why we're here, what we're lookning for.....and Ow Ow Ow...there it first very hard emotional moment in India !!

We felt the same, were connected, had both some difficult moments behind us....but still a lot of love to give....She told me i looked like a strong woman, that i must believe that ! So sensitive, vulnerable, don't let anyone play with you, you're such a beautiful person ! And all this in front of the Taj Mahal.....and after this i had to visit agra...? Yes steph, go for it !!

I first went to Agra fort, were i had a goor time walking around for 2 hrs..had also my first lunch time in India, a very nice veg. biryani (rice, vegetables,safran,curry) on that place i met a grirl from Taiwan living in San Francisco, she was a little bit lost and asked if she can stay with me..of course !

15h30 : Time for the Taj Mahal by sunset !! Bought my ticket, wanted to enter but they stopped me...??

Apparentjly it's not allowed to bring your gorillapod ( camera holder) inside :-(

so i had to go back to the lockers, a walk from there...( my first hated time in India) Agra seems to be the first time for many things.....

and then finally i saw it, true the gate, with a beautiful sunshine, the Taj Mahal !!

What a monument...gave lots of energy and power...and this was built for one woman.....what a love !! 

But regrettable there were so many people...i wait for sunset, just sitting somewhere were i felt the peace and enjoy this world wonder...

After all this i decided to come back tomorrow by sunrise ( @ 06h00)


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