Culture Week

Monday 10th of January 2011

Beginning of the culture week...but i was so sick...i had to stay in bed for whole day, no meditation for me today...In the afternoon i decided to go to the doctor because i didn't feel very well, continued vomiting....first time i felt so bad in India.... i recieve a lot of tablets,i don't like when i have to take that but it was necessary.

11th of January

I feel much better this meditation today !! Was very interesting, a good teacher but not easy...

12th of January

Went to Ponda and visited a lot of the last one we had a weird situation....i guide (i suppose) asked our coordinator if he may give us some he started...he said that we could make some pictures inside...i didn't because normally it's not allowed so very bizare...after 15 min he finished his story and asked us some money ( normal to give him something) So our coordinator wanted to give him but he refused...he want that we gave him money so he can asked more than normal....Our coordinator ( Dayal,he is Indian) started a discussion, didn't understand but the guide became very agressive...After a while Dayal gave him what he want and we left..even Dayal was surprised about the situation..

After all this it was time for a drink and lunch...i just took some rice but even that was not ok....i felt not well again...

13th of January 2011

The planning for today was visiting Madgaon...2 hours in the bus to go and to come back....I decided to skip this because i was not well and i know how it is to take local busses here in India, very very crowed, all like sardines....i had a day to rest before the weekend...Yes tomorrow at 6.00 am i leave for it's better to stay at home..

Friday 14th of January

Not in Hampi, didn't feel ok for a more than 10hrs ( Indian train travel)....So i did the last day of the culture week...visit a family.  First we visit some mines and temples, we even saw some crocodiles ( imagine that it is at only 10min from our house).

With the family we had a good time, they all were very friendly and so happy to have foreigners in their house.. They all live together as a join family ( grandmother-father, parents, child, brothers and sisiters....a lot of people in a small place)

They cooked a lot of things for us and we had lunch on the typical way..i love it, sitting all together on the ground eating with your hands ( only the right hand) and your plate is just a banana leaf... !! At the center we also eat with our hand but still it's different when you're with a Indian family.

So i had a very good day, i enjoyed to be with them, lovely !!

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alain et patricia 01-02-2011 13:19

we see you enjoy very much the way of living in india, mayb at home we can eat with hands and without plates so there will not be washdishes anymore. great !!!


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