City and Desert

Wednesday 15th December 2010

Jaisalmer city, they call it the 'Golden City' and it is... Situated in the desert  on the frontier with Pakistan it looks like i'm in the movie 'Aladdin'...

The fort is in the centre en there is not much you can all through narrow streets on foot..I have taken a guide, seemed convenient ! People live in beautiful Haveli's (merchant houses) that are incredibly well preserved ( you will see on pictures later)

It's also much quieter and cleaner than all the other cities i've visited so far, it looks like i'm not in India anymore....the population is also different, very gipsy. Children are not begging for money, but ask very sweet; chocolate, chocolate, chewing gum...My heart breaks every time !!

After cris crosses through the alleys i visit some temples, here are the Jain temples, coming from Jainism, another religion in India. Upon entering it's again waauuw, actually much nicer than the Hindu temples.

All white marble sculpture of gods, goddesses, dansers,...and even Kama Sutra !!

Before we go back to the hotel we walk inside a house where they make silver juwelry...nice to see how they make all this beautiful juwelry..

15h00 time to leave for the safari, the jeep picked us up, me and 6 other guys, lucky me, i was safe for this trip! After 45nin drive we arrived at the edge of the desert, camels were waiting for us, we each had our own, mine was rockett !!

And there began our trip in the desert, we passed through beautiful san dunes, amazing how the kids know their way...After 2 hours we arrived, just on time for sunset....incredible, beautiful there are no words for this..We made a campfire, all put us down, learned how to make chapati's (indian bread) and enjoy a very good meal...the childeren danded it was lovely !! 

I began to get a little cold so put a lot of clothes on, went under the covers and looked to the stars and then fall asleep, wonderful...!! I woke up around 04h00, i opened my eyes and i only saw the stars....waauuw this was an experience i will never forget !!

Sunrise was at 07h30, sun said very quickly Hello Goodmorning...;-) Ok time for breakfast now, after we left, we must return.  2 days on the camels, a night in the desert and all the previous days...i feel now that i have not been idle...but it's all worth it !!

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alain et patricia 17-12-2010 16:18

Attention Stephke, ne regarde pas trop les sculptures du Kama Sutra ..., on voit que tu te plais vraiment là bas, allez bientôt Bengalore ça changera de tes déplacements de ville en ville, mais ça sera très enrichissant !!!


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